On-Page SEO: A Complete Guide to Rank on the First Page of Google

On-page SEO refers to the various techniques websites use to optimize their pages for search engines



A big part of your on-page SEO strategy will be creating compelling titles and meta descriptions for your articles.

Google Keyword Research Tool This tool is especially useful if you’re looking for keywords that have higher search volumes and lower competition than others. 

Canonical tags are pieces of code that help you consolidate your SEO efforts on a single page. Instead of showing different versions of a single page to different users, canonical tags allow you to direct search engines to a single version.

Implementing Canonical Tag

Including Rich Snippets in Your Article

FiIf you want to ensure your articles rank well in SERPs, you need to include rich snippets. Rich snippets are a form of markup that allows you to create interactive search result listings.

On-Page SEO Tools for Keyword Research

Google Keyword Research Tool, Moz Rank Checker, SEMRush , Search Console, Ahrefs

Keyword Research For Article

You can enter the keyword(s) you want to research, and this tool will give you suggestions based on how many people each term has brought to your site.

Use This Checklist & Create blog post.  

On-Page SEO: A Complete Guide to Rank on the First Page of Google